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Angelo Petruzzi


Freddie Ravel Keynote Speaker/Performer empowering entrepreneurs and the Fortune 1000 with expotential sales growth worldwide Angelo is a brilliant person and curator of fine music! He also serves as a bridge connecting the jazz lovers of Italy with the jazz art form from all parts of the globe. I am grateful for his friendship and advocacy. Molto Grazie!

Jiordyn Clements Bringing you the best of tomorrow's Jazz Artists' today!! I've worked with Angelo Petruzzi with expanding my artists exposure through his Entertainment Company. He is a man of great integrity, and extremely professional. I highly recommend him for any potential endeavors

Audley Reid owner at Reid 01, Musician, Saxophonist and Band Leader Angelo has been a joy to work with. Very much on top of all aspects of the music business. Angelo's work with independent artist has been a great boost to the overall marketing and support provided to the Indie artist. Thanks Angelo. Audley

Nina Causey Vocalist: Jazz, Blues, Contemporary As the CEO of Petruzzi Entertainment, Angelo knows about quality entertainment; he's an excellent manager for smooth jazz artists. He has knowledge and experience in putting together jazz festivals. He can promote talent throughout Europe and international television. As a smooth jazz vocalist, it has been my pleasure to work with Mr. Petruzzi.

Kareña K Recording Artist/Songwriter/Saxophonist/Vocal Arranger/Events Promoter Angelo invited me to join his site and has already spread my video across various sites and been playing my latest release frequently on his station. Too early to tell hat the results are but so far it's looking very promising!

Nils Jiptner Recording Artist I had the chance to work with Angelo and can testify that he is very engaged, thorough and enthusiastic. Please give him your best consideration. NILS

Sahara Music Singer / Songwriter at Sahara It is with pleasure as professional musicians to recommend Angelo CEO of Smooth Jazz Radio Channel. Angelo has a great passion for good music and is very generous in his support to all artists on Smooth Jazz Radio Channel including independent musicians. We have found him to be extremely polite and professional in his correspondence and maintains a continuous enthusiasm for all he does. Angelo is in it for all the right reasons and we wish him continued success. Trish & Dave Long 'Sahara'

Stephen Jerome Ferguson Recording Artist and Producer of Smooth Jazz, Nu Jazz and Neo Soul style music. Owner and CEO of SJF Music Angelo has done so much for not only myself and my music, but hundreds of independent artists trying to get thier music heard by new audiences. Devoted, passionate and real. I highly recommend that you get to know this young man.

Dino Fiumara Artist/Entertainer It is with GREAT pleasure that I once again offer my sincere recommendation for Angelo. He is a wonderful, hard working, dedicated human being, who's great interest in developing with new "Up and coming" Music Artists (such as myself) as well as the most established in the Industry, have allowed for a showcase platform for Artists, (via his internet radio company), LIKE NEVER BEFORE IN THE HISTORY OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY !!!!! In this new era of technological advancement coupled with the consistent online presence we all need to be a part of, Angelo's service has been immensely beneficial and deeply appreciated !!! There are many viable internet based and regular format radio stations around today, but Angelo is moving into new frontiers, always interested in expanding the dimension and scope of his Artists... and giving them the well deserved visibility that is necessary in the business market. I'm very proud to be partnered with Angelo and his company, it is very EXCITING to see where we go from here and what new frontiers will open for our Art and our ability to create and share globally. Above all, I feel like he is an older brother to me :) Never before have I found someone so attentive to the needs and wishes of their Artists like him. Angelo is exceptional and I can't wait to have my New Pop Jazz "Debut" Single track (and later the full album, which is currently in production in LA) released on Smooth Jazz Radio Channel. We Love you Angelo Keep up the amazing work and lets look to the future for exciting new chapters together !!!! JAZZBOY. d dino fiumara

Paula Atherton Music Professional I am very impressed with Angelo and what he does for musicians and music lovers in the smooth jazz genre. He really cares about the music that he selects for his radio channel, and wants to share it with the world. I am thrilled that he has added some of my music to his programming. Thanks Angelo!

Marian Sawyer, ASCAP REVERBNATION FEATURED ARTIST! #1JAZZ FRANCE, #1UAE, #1DUBAI, #1Japan #4US, #8GLOBAL! HEADLINER.FM ARTIST OF THE DAY! 5 T Angelo is a very detailed oriented proffessional who watches the bottom line like a hawk.

Michael E. Daniels Professional Egli è un uomo di grande integrità e lui otterrà il lavoro fatto per voi.

Fabio Mignola musician composer producer Angelo is a great Smooth Jazz fan and his enthusiasm for this kind of music is transmitted to his commitment in helping contemporary jazz artists in spreading their work all around the world. His engagement is greatly appreciated! As a friend said, and I fully agree with him, he is our "Angel of music"

Daniel Domenge Travailleur indépendant du secteur Musique Angelo is for sure a dynamic person , because to begin , we became friends on facebook and after very quickly I saw his amazing progress and all the projects that he put in place in his radio business and of course I recommand this guy , and I want to thank him for all he do for us and before all for his friendship and his support , Angelo you're a great person ! your friend Daniel

Joyce Spencer Saxophonist, Flutist, Singer, Songwriter and Composer ~ www.JoyceSpencerMusic.com Angelo is indeed a mover and shaker in the internet radio business! He has an uncanny ability to positively influence people on his staff and the audience at large, thus building a group of loyal and committed followers and fans. His taste in music in organizing and promoting his radio station is impeccable. Angelo also has a "way with people" that goes a long way. His heart to help and support independent artists should also be noted as quite honorable and appreciated. He is credited to giving many artists a "break" in the music business.

Ana DiNinno Independent Music Professional Angelo is a man of great integrity. Creative, Ambitious, Determined ..to say the least. He has a vision, and makes it 'happen'. I am, truly, blessed and honored to have had (and, have) him believing in me, as an artist. If you want the job done, and, done well.....get Angelo Petruzzi! Ana DiNinno

Werner Nieke wesboundmusic Angelo's impeccable taste is matched by his intuitive feel for what's going to be successful with the international Smooth Jazz audience. He works from a well-established network of first-class musicians and music business professionals. His passion for this genre, networking skills and organized approach make him an always dependable business partner to work with.

Ralph T. Lofton,Jr President & CEO of Raph'Ton Music Enterprizes I am proud to recommend Angelo. He is a wonderful gentleman, very supportive & also very good good at what he does in the music industry. Much respect for him. Blessings, RTL,Jr...

Wayne Wesley Johnson Professional Guitarist/Drummer, Recording Artist/Producer/Composer/Entrepreneur, Instructor - SFCC & Grandma's Music It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Angelo Petruzzi. I first met Angelo via facebook. He was introduced to me by other friends of mine in the musical profession. I submitted my music to Angelo for his consideration, as regards, airplay on his Smooth Jazz Internet radio station. He eagerly embraced my music, plays and promotes it on his stations and has been significantly instrumental in exposing my music in Europe and in Italy in particular. One of the things I noticed very quickly is that Angelo is not just a DJ, station owner or music aficionado. He is a true professional. He has built a great team of like professionals in his organization. He's an Entrepreneur and extremely good and tenacious businessman. Having been a former CEO myself, I believe I know what to look for in other individuals and businessmen. Mr. Petruzzi exhibits emotional intelligence, extremely high core values and work ethic, and I believe he and I share a mutual trust and respect for each other. Though our relationship began as a business relationship, we have come to be good friends. I look forward to meeting Mr. Petruzzi in person in the coming year. Always a pleasure to hear from him. Anyone interested in doing business with Angelo Petruzzi will have a positive and gratifying experience.

Frank Piombo Recording Artist at Riggy Entertainment I have had the pleasure of working with Angelo Petruzzi for the past year. He has helped me to get my music recognized on his wonderful radio show. I am currently working on a world wide cd project with Angelo. He is a very hard worker and 100% dedicated to the artists that he works with. I am proud to be associated with Angelo and Smooth Jazz Radio Channel. Grazie asai Angelo!!!

Mari Nobre Singer/Songwriter at Chrome Records Inc. Angelo Petruzzi is a great professional in his field and a brilliant organizer. He is an unstoppable force of the music business that has the clear intention to make a difference. He develops and enhances the promotional strategy behind talented artists using his incredible marketing skills. Angelo is a blessing for any business entity or individual who has his same drive. His integrity, skills and creativity make him the perfect partner or manager to any project. He believes in good music and he is amazing in what he does simply because he “cares”. He cares about the artists, the quality of the products that he presents and the innovations of the music business. His dedication is outstanding and his marketing plans are greatly helping my career as a singer.

David McIlwain President/CEO, ALPHA RECORDS INTERNATIONAL Angelo and his staff have created the most advanced program for Smooth Jazz on the planet....I have been working diligently with Angelo on the Music Factory project...we have now merged and will be bringing musicians a world-class vehicle for enhancing their musical careers. Angelo is a fantastic innovator and very much ahead of his time. Everything Angelo touches turns to success....I highly recommend Angelo for any team because of his exceeding 100% commitment to all he does.

Heshima Moja Vice President of Executive Board of Directors at Puerto Rican Institute for Arts and Advocacy Angelo was recommended to me by another associate in radio. I needed to begin to expand my radio exposure in Europe. Angelo responded quickly and gave me honest constructive input about what would work best in his market. He is extremely well versed in his area and an absolute professional. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Jeep Capone Partner at Al/Capone, LLC Angelo is a champion in Smooth Jazz. His work is respected and honored by artists and fans of Smooth Jazz around the world.

Petruzzi Entertainment

Petruzzi Entertainment Connecting The World through Service Venue

Petruzzi Entertainment was established in 2012 for the purpose of providing mult-services that range from consulting to productions. These services capture a variety of business areas in different venues ranging from business plans to video productions. Petruzzi Entertainment as a business entity seeks to provide growth and development in every community worldwide.


Petruzzi Entertainment as a business entity seeks to provide opportunities to other venues where collaboration on projects and through contracts will enhance the quality of each of us. The goal and objective is the focus of becoming a household name with different venues by providing quality services as a benefit to all parties involved. We as a business entity seek to provide employment opportunities with qualified staffers who are experts in their fields in representing Petruzzi Entertainment. We open our door to partner with new and existing venues for the purpose of impacting the economy enabling every community to have a voice as an opportunity to become part of our phenomenal platform.
List of Services Offered  

The services will allow all of us as venues to implement them into our business systems
• Consulting Services
• Advisor: Marketing, Management and Financial Planning
• Music Exposure and Video Production
• Business Plans
• Financial Resources
• Grant Writing
• Complete Getting Started in Business Packet
• Small Business Resources
• Education and Training
• Promotions, Support Audio/Video