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Angelo Petruzzi currently covering the role of CEO at Radio Indie International and CEO at Petruzzi Entertainment; For many years he has developed a great passion since the early days of his childhood approached him very good music quality and developing over the years a strong predisposition in the search for new talent to support and promote, has always been animated by spirit of sacrifice and extreme desire to make every possible connection and support to the many independent artists who turn to him and quickly find effective help and support with future developments important to their music, and many artists today know him and can testify to its quality of professionalism and reliability as well as profound availability. Many of the projects for the future are in the drawer of programming that shares with its valuable collaborators ....
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My personal and largest enterprise was to make a great team with which we carry out musical projects, support, music promotion of independent artists and their music quality; My company also main satisfaction and to have arrived after several years of hard work, to enjoy the view of thousands of people in the world and this was the result of commitment, commitment, sacrifice and now all of my personal success is dedicated and share with my great team, I without my team I would not be anyone. After several years of experience I have gained significant organizational ability and selective.

  • Talent Scout
  • Selection and research opportunities to show
  • Organization and working in Team
  • Strong managerial skills

Work to targets. Use all opportunities and possibilities that music offers settrore creating the basis for important moments in favor of professional artists. Opportunities for collaboration between artists themselves is a goal that we reach and often at the root of all our efforts, there is always a good artist promotion ...


Stephen Jerome Ferguson

Angelo and his staff at Radio Indie International are the most dedicated and professional people that i have ever had the honor to be associated with. They work hard promoting their radio station and the artists that they have in rotation. All of them are like family to me and i can never have the words to tell them just how much i appreciate what they have done for me.

Stephen Jerome Ferguson - SJF Music LLC